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Romance Authors Recommend – May 2020

Welcome to Romance Authors Recommend… May 2020 edition, where your favorite authors recommend recent reads they loved that you might not have heard about yet!  This month I received recommendations from Holly Mortimer, Katherine Gilbert, and Stina Lindenblatt. Read on to find out which books they loved so much they had to tell us all about them!
Holly Mortimer writes love stories about the small towns in remote destinations we all dream of travelling to. Romances where the heroines are smart and the alphas think they’re smarter but neither are smart enough to see love when it kicks them right in the ass. She recommends… Dirty Secret by Mira Lyn Kelly. In my defense, I didn’t know she was his sister… This team hates me. Something about my chronic case of resting prick face and that thing with the captain when the season started. My fist, his jaw. Yeah, we go back and not in a good way. Coach says no more “confrontational BS” or I don’t play at all. And that’s a hit my career in the NHL can’t take. So the plan is simple. Keep my head down and finish out my contract with my fists checked. There’s just one problem. Allie. The girl from Vancouver eight months ago. The one with the sexy, shy, and sinfully bold smile and the sweetest, wettest mouth I ever tasted. The girl who blew my mind and then blew out of my life without giving me her number. Turns out she’s the captain’s little sister. And even though my career depends on it… I can’t stay away from her. Holly says…  “This is the second book in Mira’s Slayers Hockey series. It’s a book about the unlikely hero, broody, angry alpha who isn’t liked by his team and his captain’s off-limits little sister. It’s funny, it’s intense and it’s about hockey players! My perfect trifecta.” Sounds like the perfect trifecta to me too! If you’d like to learn more about Holly and  the books she writes, you can find her at her website or on Instagram! Next up, meet Katherine Gilbert! Having grown up surrounded by a house and town so gothic that she doesn’t bother to tell the stories, because nobody would believe them, Katherine enjoys spinning tales of far friendlier paranormal beings. Katherine recommends Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish: A Halloween Romance by G.G. Andrew.  Katherine says… “There’s so much to like, especially for the Halloween lovers among us. Behind-the-scenes at a walk-through, seasonal haunted house, a reformed bully who’s trying to make up for her past, lots of humor, and geek love are just the start of it.” A zombie. A vampire. A witch. Nora Travers is none of these things. But the former mean girl has to hide behind costumes if she wants to scare the pants off Brendan, the horror geek with the power to make or break her haunted house. Because Brendan is the nerd Nora used to torment in middle school. But now he’s all grown up and so scary hot, even her zombie heart starts beating. And he’s looking a bit too long at her bloody fishnet stockings. Nora has to be everything she’s not this Halloween so she can hide her true self and terrify Brendan. Not to mention protect her heart. Because what happens when he realizes she’s a monster behind the mask? To find out more about Katherine , you can catch up to her on her website or find her on Facebook! Our final recommendation comes from the hilarious Stina Lindenblatt. Stina writes one my favorite kinds of romance… romantic comedies that are sweet & sexy with a whole lotta heart. She recommends The Blind Date Diaries by Brenda St. John Brown.
A standalone enemies to lovers romantic comedy Dating? Lower than a bikini wax on my list of priorities. Blind dating? Let’s just say I’d rather have a Brazilian – and not the hot soccer-player variety. So the fact I’ve agreed to do a blind-date feature for Pink, the magazine I work for, and write it all up Bridget Jones style means one thing – Pink is in dire straits and this is my best shot at saving my job. Make that my only shot because date number one is with Jack Reese – the son of the publisher of Pink – and he dislikes me as much as I dislike him. Or at least I thought he did. Stina had this to say… “I love all of Brenda’s books. She’s an incredible writer. The premise of TBDD is fun, the sex is steamy, Jack is the perfect book boyfriend (I dare you not to swoon over him!), and I wish Angeline was my real life BFF. The book is five-stars sexy and funny.” You can learn more about Stina and her books at her website or on Instagram. Have you read any of this month’s recommended books? If so, leave a comment below and let me know! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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