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Romance Authors Recommend – August

Romance Authors Recommend – August

Welcome to Romance Authors Recommend… August 2020 edition, where your favorite authors recommend recent reads they loved that you might not have heard about yet! 

This month I received recommendations from EmKay Connor, Kathy Obuszweski, and Abra Pressler. Read on to find out which books they loved so much they had to tell us all about them!

EmKay Connor is the author of #sexysassy contemporary romantic fiction infused with quirky humor and engaging characters. Her bright and breezy insta-love romances are set in tropical locations and glamorous destinations where her heroes and heroines discover passion and fall in love.

EmKay recommends Julia Kent’s Hasty

I never thought my perp walk would lead to true love.

Then again, I never thought I’d be arrested on RICO charges and hauled away in zip ties on camera for the world to see, minutes after closing the most amazing deal of my career.

And all of it in front of my biggest rival, billionaire wunderkind Ian McCrory.

I am broke.

I am disgraced.

I am alone.

I am a sucker.

But the worst part? I have to go back to my hometown and live in my bedroom filled with relics from my childhood.

Lisa Frank never made me so mad before.

Just when I needed a rescue, I got one — in the form of help from my biggest rival.

He can’t bring back my money.

He certainly can’t bring back my reputation or my pride.

But there’s one thing he can bring back to me.

A sense of hope.

Maybe even love.

Ian sees something in me no one else does, and he’s relentless about making me see it, too. As we grow closer, I’m starting to see that while my entire life used to be a lie, the truth is staring me in the present — and it’s a truth I like very, very much, hot eyes and gorgeous smile and all.

But I have to be careful.

I can’t be too —

That’s right.


The final book in the USA Today bestselling Do-Over Series (Fluffy, Perky, Feisty), as Mallory’s sister, Hastings “Hasty” Monahan gets her turn at a happily ever after that starts off with an arrest.


And ends with a surprisingly cheesy happily ever after.

Here’s what EmKay had to say about the book… “This is the fourth and final book in Julia Kent’s rom-com Do-Over series. Hasty is the older sister of the heroine in book 1 and is a bitch all the way through the series. Seeing Hasty get her comeuppance and redemption was an entertaining read, and as an author, I was curious to see how a successful author like Julia Kent would redeem this unlikable character.”

You can grab a copy of Hasty on Amazon or from other retailers!

EmKay is the second person who’s mentioned this series to me lately and I’m for sure adding it to my TBR pile. How about you? To find out more about EmKay and her sexy stories, check out her website or catch up to her on Facebook.

Kathy Obuszewski is a passionate hockey fan. She plays, watches and dreams about the sport so she decided to start writing hockey romances.

Kathy recommends Vengeance Executed by Zoey Indiana.

Saving the world is much harder when you shouldn’t exist.

Freya is the closest kept secret in the government. Her psychic powers alone strike fear into her superiors. Working as a double agent for the Resistance, she must devise a plan to destabilize the government that has her under constant supervision, as well as every other citizen.

As one of only three living men, Bash is her unlikely accomplice. Behind the scenes, he is the deadliest hacker that has ever worked for the Resistance. Determined to overthrow the government that made his gender illegal, he won’t stop until the Dystopia is destroyed.

When an ARI spy manages to locate their headquarters, both of them must find a way to keep the existence of men a secret.

If you love badass heroines, bearded men, and sizzling romance that will keep you up all night long… Join the Resistance and download Vengeance Executed today!

Available on Amazon and your other favorite retailers.

Here’s what Kathy had to say about the book… “I love it because it’s a fun world and you really get to see a new side to characters that you thought you knew. When ERIC came online you were both really excited for Bash and horrified. Then the way ERIC interacts with Freya, it’s interesting.”

You can learn more about Kathy’s hockey romances, including her Cleveland Sound series on her website or find her on Instagram.

Abra Pressler is an Australian writer of contemporary romance. Her first book, More, is a contemporary romance set in Canberra about food, ambition and first love.

Abra recommends Alyssa Cole‘s That Could Be Enough.

Mercy Alston knows the best thing to do with pesky feelings like “love” and “hope”: avoid them at all cost. Serving as a maid to Eliza Hamilton, and an assistant in the woman’s stubborn desire to preserve her late husband’s legacy, has driven that point home for Mercy—as have her own previous heartbreaks.

When Andromeda Stiel shows up at Hamilton Grange for an interview in her grandfather’s stead, Mercy’s resolution to live a quiet, pain-free life is tested by the beautiful, flirtatious, and entirely overwhelming dressmaker.

Andromeda has staid Mercy reconsidering her worldview, but neither is prepared for love—or for what happens when it’s not enough.

This is an angsty but fluffy F/F novella with a happy ending for both of our intrepid heroines.

Available on Amazon or at other retailers.

Abra had this to say about That Could Be Enough… “It’s a Hamilton f/f novella, and the main characters are battered by love. It’s a wonderful exploration of BIPOC identities during the Revolution-era. It also features a number of the Hamilton figureheads as Eliza Hamiltom continues to interview people who knew her husband. It’s a sweet, gorgeous novella about love, deep loss and the opportunity to build a new life.”

She had me at Hamilton… how about you? This is one I hadn’t heard of and will definitely be checking it out. 

Find out more about Abra and her debut novel on her website or follow her on Instagram.

Have you read any of this month’s recommended books? If so, leave a comment below and let me know! And if you’re an author and want to leave a recommendation for a book you love that doesn’t seem to get enough love, just contact me via my contact page or through a FB message.

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