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Three Things with Dylann – April 7, 2024

I’m recommitting to my local book club and this is our book for this month. Have you read any Elin Hilderbrand novels? This is the second or third we’ve read, and I’m enjoying it so far. It takes place out on Nantucket–a place I’ve never spent any amount of time. I always enjoy reading about new locations, how about you? I need to finish it in the next couple of days since our meeting is coming up on Wednesday! If you want to check it out, you can pick this one up on Amazon or at your favorite bookseller!

I’ve been taking a little more down time than usual since my chemo treatments make me tired. I’m always in search of new series to watch and I binged this one in just a few days. If you love dramedies, I highly recommend Palm Royale, available on Apple TV. It’s set in 1969 in Palm Beach and follows the story of Kristen Wiig who’s trying to wiggle her way in with the socialites at the Palm Royale club. There are a ton of familiar faces (and plenty of barechested Ricky Martin.) No word yet on whether there will be a second season, so take your time and enjoy it! Let me know if you check it out.

I did a nutrition class through my local Gilda’s Club (a club started by the late Gilda Radner for people affected by cancer) and one of the resources they raved about was Forks Over Knives. It started out as a documentary (you can view it through their website at and has blossomed into a movement with tons of resources like cooking classes, cookbooks, a meal planner and more. I’m not going to lie… I’m so not excited about the prospect of eating vegan, but they make a super compelling case for removing dairy and animal products from your diet. I’ve been adding more vegan dishes into my diet and will keep you posted on whether I go all in. Have you tried eating vegan? I definitely think the documentary is worth a watch or you can read all the info in the book, available at Amazon or your favorite bookseller!

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