I’m back from Deadwood… Alive!

This past weekend I road-tripped with three other authors to my first book event in almost two years... Wild Deadwood Reads! It was my first time attending, but the fourth time romance authors Ginger Ring and Linda Rae Sande have hosted the event in Deadwood, South Dakota.


Romance Author Holiday Wish List Recommendations

It's that time of year when I start to panic... how do the holidays always sneak up on me? I mean, I know they're coming. It's not like the date changes from year to year. Yet I always get to mid-December and realize there are a few (or several) people on my list I haven't found a gift for yet. So I reached out to a few romance author friends to find out what they recommend this year. Hopefully you'll get a few ideas!


Romance Authors Recommend – October

Welcome to Romance Authors Recommend… October 2020 edition, where some of your favorite authors recommend recent reads they loved that you might not have heard about yet!  This month I received recommendations from Savannah Carlisle, Sofia Aves, and Jody Holford. Read on to find out which books they loved so much they had to tell us all about them!


Inside the Mind of a Romance Author… August

Want to know what goes on in the mind of a published romance author? Have questions about writing romance novels? Curious about what kind of hands-on research I do for each book? I’m starting a monthly feature where I’ll answer readers’ questions. And nothing’s off limits!