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Three Things with Dylann – October 1, 2023

Do you like to decorate for the holidays? I’m trying to get better about it. Usually, I think about putting up decorations too far in advance, then forget about it again until it’s too late. Not this year!

I just ordered TWO of these bad boys and am going to put them up as soon as they arrive. Hopefully, the dogs don’t get tangled up in the web… LOL. What kind of decorations do YOU put up for Halloween?

And if you want to get one of these for yourself, it’s on special on Amazon right now! Just click here!

I’ve talked about how much I love podcasts. Here’s another one of my favorites… Dr. Hyman’s The Doctor’s Farmacy. He’s a functional medicine doctor who believes food has the power to heal. And… he’s got several books available that talk about how to use food to promote health and longer living. I love listening to him and hearing about how people have changed their journey based on what they eat, though I’ll admit I still love my Ben & Jerry’s. You can find the podcast here or on your favorite podcast app.

His latest book is called Young Forever: The secrets to living your longest, healthiest life and is available on Amazon or anywhere else you buy your books!

Last, but not least… I’ve got more coffee stuff to tell y’all about. This is my absolute favorite coffee creamer! I even had some delivered to the hotel in Florida because the thought of being without it for a full week was enough to give me hives. Yes, I know I *might* have a slight addiction, but have you tried it? What do you put in your coffee?

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  1. Sherry

    When is book 3 of Paradise Island coming out?

    1. dylanncrush

      Hi Sherry!
      That will be up to my publisher. As of right now, they aren’t planning on doing another book in that series.

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