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5 Reasons Fall is My Favorite Season to Read

I’ll admit, I’m fairly fickle when it comes to picking a favorite season. But there’s definitely something about Fall that’s extra appealing, making it my favorite season to catch up on all those books I thought I’d have time to read over the summer.

Here are my top five reasons Fall is my favorite season to read…

#5 My butt can stay put.

Reading Romance

The kids are headed back to school meaning I’ll have a chance to breathe. I love spending time with my littles, especially now that they’re getting older and I’m realizing the time I have left with them under our roof is limited. But summer tends to be full of activities and carting everyone around. We’ll still be busy with sports in the Fall, but at least I’ll have a chance to catch my breath during the day and maybe sneak in some reading time while they’re at school.

#4 Warm Beverages

Reading Romance Latte

I’m one of those peeps who loves Fall beverages and the comforting scents and flavors the new season brings. Yes to pumpkin spice, yes to apple cinnamon lattes, yes, yes, yes! There’s something about snuggling up with a warm beverage and a book that makes my heart happy. It’s soothing. Somehow downing an ice cold bottle of water while I’m sweating my buns off and trying to concentrate on a book doesn’t bring me the same joy.

#3 Less Guilt

Romance Books

Maybe it’s the Catholic guilt I grew up with, but when it’s nice outside I feel guilty for wanting to stay in and read. With the turn of the weather I don’t feel so bad if I put off a walk or convince myself it’s too chilly out to pull weeds and pick up a book instead.

#2 It Gets Dark Earlier

Time to Read

Which means it’s easier to convince the kids it’s bedtime. Which means Mom (that’s me) might get to have a little extra “me time” in the evenings.

#1 Comfy Pjs

Reading Pajamas

This one might circle back to my inherent guilt, but when it’s still light outside at ten o’clock at night, it doesn’t feel right to put my jammies on and snuggle up with a book as soon as work is done. But when it starts to get dark before dinner, those comfy pjs come out of the bottom of the closet and all is right with the world. Especially if I’ve got a warm beverage and a book in hand.

Here are some of my favorite things for reading in Fall…

So how about you? What’s your favorite season to read?

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  1. Tonya Lucas

    I love fall and all your reasons are so spot on. It’s true it’s really is a guilt free time of year to just snuggle and read.

    1. dylanncrush

      Totally agree! 🙂

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