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Reader Spotlight – January

Welcome to another romance reader spotlight! This month I heard from Megan Hiesterman. She’s living my dream life…out in the country, surrounded by a variety of four-legged friends. ❤️

Megan Hiesterman loves to read when she isn’t chasing around two sweet kiddos and helping wrangle a myriad of animals on the ranch! She also enjoys taking as many pictures as the kids and animals allow before getting bored! And with the closest fast food 45 minutes away, she is perfecting her baking and cooking! Now if someone else would so the dishes….

How long have you been reading romance? Since I was about 13! And now it’s my favorite! 

Do you remember your gateway romance book? The one that drew you in and got you addicted to the genre? Simple Jess” by Pamela Morsi! It was the first one and I still love to go back and read it every now and then!

What’s your absolute must-read trope? Cowboys! Hands down! Any story that has a cowboy deserves a chance!

Have you ever traveled to meet an author? If so, where did you go and who did you meet? Yes, Dylann! I was going to visit my family in Minnesota and made a special part of the trip to meet her! I highly recommend it! 😉 (Dylann here…I had so much fun meeting you and your little guy!)

Where’s your favorite place to read? Wherever I can! Curled up on the couch with a blanket is good. 

What’s one thing you want romance authors to know? Cowboys wear pearl snap shirts, not just snug fitting T-shirts that show off their muscles. And dates can consist of just going out check different pastures of cows and sometimes slow dancing to the radio on a flat bed pick up.

If you could meet any romance author, who would it be? Since I already met Dylann, I won’t have to say either Pamela Morsi or Rachel Gibson.

What would your ideal romance novel be about? I think it would be awesome to see a novel about a cowboy that tries online dating and meets his match because I can tell you it is pretty common! 

Do you prefer reading paperback or e-books? I love paperbacks still! E-books are best for traveling! 

How many books do you typically read a year? Kids books: more than I can count! Haha!  Adult books probably 1-2 a month. 

Do you belong to a book club? Not right now but it’s something I would love to start or find one!

What’s your most prized book-related possession? Probably just my book collection in general! Haha! Although, I do love my autographed book from Dylann, the piggy stamp makes it perfect!

What are your other passions besides reading? Photography, baking, and of course playing with my kiddos! 

What’s your best last-minute, go-to dinner idea? Tacos, chili, or chicken and sour cream enchiladas! (The enchiladas are a lot easier than you think! Just one pound chicken chopped/shredded, a can of cream of chicken soup, use the empty can to measure a can of milk, one small can green chiles, ½ cup sour cream or more if you like it, and cheese to top! You can add taco seasoning if desired. Mix all together and then layer with tortillas corn/flour and cook until cheese is melted and bubbling. You can also add black beans/tomatoes/lettuce if desired. (Dylann here…that sounds delicious and right up my alley!)

Do you have any pets? A lot! We live on a ranch, so we have cattle, sheep, pigs (a small heritage breed called Kunekunes,) chickens, ducks, cats, guardian dogs, horses, and a donkey! Of those we do have two indoor kitties. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Megan a little bit better! Stop in and say hi to her in our reader group, the Crushin’ It Crew! Thanks, Megan, for sharing your yummy recipe and being on the blog today!

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