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Reader Spotlight – February

Welcome Karen Hoffman to the spotlight! Karen has been married to John for 26 years. They have three children: Gabby 21, Spencer 18 and Nick 13. She loves to listen to audiobooks while at work. For some silly reason..she loves her job..the day flies by now. She’s well known for her Shout Outs on Facebook Lives as she LOVES to ask Questions on all of them.

I’m super jealous since I always see Karen’s posts about her book-related adventures! Let’s jump right in…

Do you prefer series or standalone books? I prefer to read a series where you get the opportunity to learn more about the family and friends along the way. My favorite is the Baxter Family Series by Karen Kingsbury. I have all 23 in the series. I just finished the Cake Series by J Bengtsson.

If you could spend a day in any romance novel, which one would it be? My all time favorite story to re-read is The Lawman by Diana Palmer. If I could jump in and meet and spend the day with Grace and would be incredible. I keep a copy in my bedroom and love to skip and jump to my favorite sections.

Have you ever traveled to meet an author? If so, where did you go and who did you meet? In July 2019 I met YOU, Dylann, and it was fantastic, incredible, amazing..I was also there to meet the narrator Andi Arndt and author Tara Sivec. They co-wrote Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Words and they had a Rooftop Party in Minneapolis.Andi is one of my all time favorite narrator’s..Wow I use the word Favorite..alot…OOPS! Another narrator who I think is super talented..Amy McFadden was there and she was a special surprise guest.  I was fan-girling all night.

Also was lucky to see Brenda Novak twice in 2019 (August San Antonio for Blind Spot and October Nashville for Christmas in Silver Springs).I have followed her career for the last 20 years so was incredible to meet and visit. It was so sweet that she added me as a character mention in her story Blind Spot.  I did not realize until I read the book a month later that she incorporated my name into the story.She gave no clues when I was there in August.

If all goes well I will see Brenda Novak four times in 2020: Chicago on my birthday March 28, South Tahoe in April, Ohio in June and Georgia in September.

Brenda sells book boxes on a monthly basis. I received a Yellow Bee Book tshirt in April 2019 but realized that it was too big so decided to use as a autograph shirt. Whenever I go to a Brenda event I have my tshirt on a table at the front and ask book members to sign it. Currently after 2 events I have 63 signatures. Excited to add more at the 2020 events.

I also plan to go to Music City with the Belles (Nashville in May) and Shameless in (Orlando Florida in November). Hoping to be chosen as a volunteer to go to Book Bonanza in Dallas in August. We have family there so would be nice to visit and see more authors.

What’s one thing you want romance authors to know? That I greatly appreciate how they take time out of their busy lives to visit with me on Facebook. I follow several authors and love to jump in and out and visit with them. 

If you could meet any romance author, who would it be? I am looking forward to meeting RaeAnne Thayne in June.  I have followed her career forever. 

Do you prefer reading paperback, e-books or audiobooks? If I had to list in order: I love how stories come alive when I listen to audiobooks. I follow about 40 narrators. Then I would choose e-books as I can just lay around and read them easily. Paperback up until about a year ago. I still read them on occasion but not as often as in previous years. 

Who are your favorite audiobook narrators? Tristan Hunt, Gregory D. Salinas, Andrew Eiden,  Luke Daniels, Wen Ross, Kai Kennicott, Grace Grant, Savannah Peachwood, Samantha Cole, Jack Calihan, Ava Lucas, Jenna St. Claire, Heather Firth, Sarah Puckett, Sarah Sampino, Kelsey Navarro, Randi Johnson, Ava Erickson, Joel Leslie Froomkin, Amy Mcfadden, Anneliese Rennie, Tor Thom, Charley Ongel, Emma Wilder, Benjamin Charles, RV AP…Paul Woodson, Zachary Webber, Joe Arden, Jason Clarke, Shane East, Erin Mallon, Troy Duran,Roberto, SebYo and Andi, Alex Kydd, Brooke Bloomingdale, Amy McFadden, Virginia Rose, Tim Paige, Aaron Shedlock, Jeff Peterson, Stephen Dexter.

Dylann here… LOL… I knew Karen wouldn’t be able to keep her list of favorites to one or two or even a dozen! Huge thanks to Karen for sharing with us! ❤️❤️❤️ If you’d like to be featured on my reader spotlight, just let me know!

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