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Reader Spotlight – December

It’s time for another romance reader spotlight! This month I interviewed Wyann “Cricket” McDonnell. I’m having so much fun getting to know y’all. I hope you’re loving these romance reader spotlights as much as I am!

Wyann “Cricket” McDonnell loves to read, sew and paint.  When she isn’t corralling her fur baby or helping her husband, she loves to pick one of those, reading being the most common.  She also loves to cook and doesn’t hesitate to experiment with herbs and recipes.

Here’s a pic of Cricket with someone she thinks would make a great romance hero! Does anyone recognize him?

How long have you been reading romance?

 I started reading books such as Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden before I was 10 years old, probably around 7.  When I got to approximately 13, I was reading romances and falling in love with them.

Do you remember your gateway romance book? The one that drew you in and got you addicted to the genre?

I know the book, Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart, is not classified as a romance, but due to it I fell in love with the Lipizzaner Stallions and the want to travel.  But that was the book that got me reading.  It is still a fantastic book.

Have you ever traveled to meet an author? If so, where did you go and who did you meet?

Surprisingly, I have not traveled to meet an author.  I live a long way from any big city and unfortunately the authors do not come close enough for me to go.  However, there are a few I would travel quite a ways to meet.  They would be Dylann Crush (Dylann here…aw, that’s so sweet! I’d love to meet you too!), Linda Broday, Hebby Roman, Mary Connealy and Rosanne Bittner.  I am sure there are a few more but those are the most important ones.

Describe your favorite kind of romance hero.

Since I am older, I love to read about older heroes.  I love to read about middle-aged heroes, who have taken care of themselves, have a great sense of humor but are not afraid of adversity.  I like a hero who is a “man’s man”.

Where’s your favorite place to read?

That is the easy question.  I have this oversiaed glider on my second story deck under the awning.  There is room for me and my little Maltese.  We will sit there for hours.

What’s one thing you want romance authors to know?

One thing that I have noticed are the missed typos and misspelled words.  Please edit your books and have an editor look at them for you.  To me, it is just so disconcerting to be reading along and stopped by a bad word.

Do you prefer reading paperback or e-books?

I like both genres.  It mostly depends on where I am reading.  If I am outside, I prefer paperback, inside, it can be e-reader or paperback. 

How many books do you typically read a year?

 I have never counted but I would estimate at least 100 books per year.

Do you belong to a book club?

 No, we don’t have one around here that I know of.

What’s your most prized book-related possession?

 All my author signed books from the authors I know and love.

What are your other passions besides reading?

I love to sew.  I have been sewing since I was 14 years old.  My other passion is painting.  I haven’t done any recently but I am looking forward to the time I can get back to it.  My favorite things to paint are old building such as churches or old rundown buildings that are being taken over by nature

Do you have any fun holiday traditions?

Not any more as our children are all grown, married and have kids of their own.  But the one I loved the most was Christmas Eve.  We would go to midnight mass, then when we came home we would have some dessert and hot chocolate.  Then the kids would put Baby Jesus in the Nativity.  Last but not least, they got to open one present, usually pajamas, so they looked nice in the Christmas pictures.

Are there any books or book-related items on your holiday wish list? If so, share!

Dylann, there is not enough room to share all the books on my wish list but to name a few, James Patterson novels, the last few of Sharon Sala’s Blessings series, any book of yours I don’t have, the same for Linda Broday, Hebby Roman, Mary Connealy and Rosanne Bittner.  I am just trying to play catch up with all of you.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Cricket! Feel free to say Hi to her in my reader group Crushin’ It Crew! And huge thanks to Cricket for being on the blog today!

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