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Let’s Connect!

I absolutely love chatting with readers and other authors although sometimes it’s hard to remember where everyone loves to spend their online time. So… I want to make sure you know where to find me! Here are all of the places we can connect.


Facebook seems to be the place I spend most of my time. I love having the ability to go live, to have conversations and to interact with other book lovers.

Crushin’ It Crew – This is the spot where I hang out with my readers. We have daily posts, lots of opportunities to chat, and the first place I share any news. I love this group and am grateful for the privilege of getting to know the amazing readers who are kind enough to share snippets of their lives with me.

Dylann Crush New Release Group – A few weeks before one of my releases I kick this group into gear. It’s a spot where readers can talk about my new books, ask questions, and have a chance to win some fun prizes in the exclusive new release party I have just for them. We always have a good time with tons of fun, games, readings and exclusive giveaways.

Romance Happy Hour – My co-hostess Dawn Luedecke and I host this live show twice a month (the 2nd & 4th Thursday) on our Facebook page. We typically interview two different romance authors, hear them read a scene or two from their book, and open it up for questions from readers. We always have a giveaway and a drink of the week because it’s happy hour, right? In addition to the live show, we’ve got a website where you can view all of our drink recipes and past episodes, a YouTube channel and a podcast so you can take us with you wherever you go.

Romance Happy Hour Book Club – Every other month Dawn and I host a book club where we read the featured book and have a chance to chat in more detail with the author. It all happens via live video in the group and there’s always a giveaway for readers who want to check it out.

Romance Chicks Partypalooza – This Facebook group is run by the Romance Chicks – a fabulous group of romance authors who write across many different genres. There’s always something fun happening from monthly birthday giveaways, daily posts, and tons of games.

Must Love Cowboys – If you love to read about rugged cowboys, this is the place for you! We’ve got some awesome cowboy authors who love to chat about books, boots and everything else related to our favorite kind of hero.

Other Places

The Escape – This is my weekly newsletter full of news, updates, and often times new releases or deals from some of my author friends. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get a free book just for joining!

Instagram – I love sharing pictures on Instagram. If you’re active here, I hope you’ll check out my Instagram stories where I love to ask a #QOTD!

Bookbub – A fantastic site to keep up with authors and books and see what other readers are recommending. If you follow me here you’ll usually get a new release alert when I have a book coming out.

Pinterest – I tend to go on binges on Pinterest. I’ll spend hours looking for the perfect photo to represent a character in a book or some inspiration for a setting or pet. You can find boards for my books along with other things I love like collecting knitting projects, mouthwatering recipes I hope to try someday, and a selection of Hot, Hot, Hot guys that provide countless hours of distraction.

Goodreads – A lot of authors say not to check your reviews but I always do. I love to see what readers think about my books… the good and the bad… so I can make sure I’m giving them what they want in the books I write.

Amazon Author Page – If you’re a Kindle reader or Amazon shopper, you can follow my author profile to stay up to date with new releases and sales!

Whew! There you go. Those are the places I spend most of my time online. If we haven’t already connected, I’d love to! You know where to find me!

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  1. Kippy dishman

    Hi I just read kiss me now cowboy and I loved it it may be an older book but I laughed a lot this was a great thank you

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