Romance Author Holiday Wish List Recommendations

It's that time of year when I start to panic... how do the holidays always sneak up on me? I mean, I know they're coming. It's not like the date changes from year to year. Yet I always get to mid-December and realize there are a few (or several) people on my list I haven't found a gift for yet. So I reached out to a few romance author friends to find out what they recommend this year. Hopefully you'll get a few ideas!


Being G-R-A-T-E-F-U-L

So last year I did a post on the Romance Chicks website about being THANKFUL where I used each letter to talk about something I was thankful for over the past year. I could have recycled that post but instead I decided to challenge myself and come up with some new words for a new word.


Ever had one of THOSE Mom moments?

What do you get when you cross one overtired busy mama with a holiday that arrives way too fast? You get me last week, trying to do too many things at once and forgetting to buy pumpkins for my kids to carve on Halloween.

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