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Gift Ideas for Romance Readers

If you’re like me, you probably don’t need anything for Christmas. I already bought myself a vacuum to replace the one I killed and I’m just looking forward to spending time with family this year. But…if any of my relatives feel the need to pick up something special for me, here’s a list of possibilities. And if you need to send this link to someone who might be picking up something special for you, fellow romance novel lover, feel free to share!

Would you appreciate something to keep you cozy while you’re reading? How about these comfy pjs? There are tons of styles if you’re not into the red. My personal favorite might be the taco jammies!* These look like they’d be warm, but not too warm for those sudden flashes of heat that come from reading all those steamy scenes. (Some might say they’re hormone related, but I’d rather make up my own reasons.)


These slippers can perform dual duty. They keep your tootsie toes warm and also, don’t they just make you happy?* I love that they come with a little bag for travel. I might just have to snag a pair myself for a big trip I’ve got coming up in 2020. I hate walking around barefoot on hotel carpeting.

My idea of a perfect evening would involve pretty much everything on this tray…the wine, the candle, the romance novel…* Wait, I don’t see any chocolate. I’d definitely have to add something sweet to eat. Lucky for me there appears to be lots of extra room.

Are you a page folder? If you are, please stop that madness! I’ve been known to use a gum wrapper, a receipt, even a piece of yarn. But for the love of authors everywhere, don’t fold that page. Maybe I’ll get some of these in my stocking…one can hope!*

Every once in a while I need some time to rest my writing brain and do something creative to keep the well full. The scenes from this coloring book could have come out of any of my books. Can’t you picture Beck & Charlie from All-American Cowboy or Robbie & Cassie from Sweet Tea & Second Chances in some of these scenes?*

One thing I miss now that I read a lot on my iPad is the smell of books. As I was growing up, one of my absolute most favorite places on Earth was the used bookstore I used to go to as a kid. I’d recognize that smell anywhere. So why not immerse myself in it when reading my e-books? Best of both worlds? *

Breakfast in bed after staying up all night reading? Yes, please! Even sweeter if they’re heart-shaped waffles!* I can just imagine my sweetie making up a batch of these and delivering them to my bedside table along with a carafe of hot coffee (and my favorite flavored creamer.) So what if that would only happen in my dreams?

I’m not sure these are totally appropriate, but I’d really love to slip on a pair of these socks if I thought they would work. Fits my love for sarcasm and sass and will keep my feet warm! *

I hope you get some fun reading-related items this holiday season! Tell me in the comments below, would any of these items make it to your holiday wish list?





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