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Up Your Reading Game in 2020

I consider myself a pretty avid reader, but I’ve got nothing on the peeps who participate in multiple reading challenges every year. I’ve always made a commitment on my Goodreads account to try to read a certain number of books each year. But when I decided to see if there were other challenges out there, I was blown away by the variety.

Some of the challenges that caught my eye…

One year-long challenge revolves around The Phantom of the Opera…and only The Phantom of the Opera. You can find more details at Tales of the Marvelous.

Did you know there’s a reading challenge out there that requires readers to focus on books with cats as the main characters? Check it out at The Purrfect Reading Challenge.

There’s also a challenge that tracks where books take place. Visit all fifty states plus the District of Columbia in the 2020 Literary Escapes Challenge.

Now, let’s talk romance. There’s no shortage of reading challenges when it comes to my favorite genre. The only problem is how to complete all of them!

Love bad boys? Shari over at Delighted Reader hosts the 2020 Bad Boys of Romance challenge. All you need to do is commit to reading at least five romances centering around a bad boy hero.

Don’t want to limit yourself to one type of hero? Leslie at She Reads Romance Books is hosting a romance-only challenge with different challenge topics for each month. She’s kicking off the year with Contemporary Romance (one of my favorites!)

Joy at HEA Novel Thoughts has a fun challenge posted specifically for Kindle Unlimited readers. She’s even got a free Instagram story graphic you can post.

If you’d like to peruse the huge number of 2020 challenges, there are a couple of sites that maintain lists. Here are a few I came across…

So what am I doing for 2020? I’m going to commit to the 2020 Read Wide Challenge from one of my favorite romance authors, Roni Loren. She did a comprehensive blog post all about it right here. I love the flexibility and the ability to personalize the categories on this one. I’m going to be coming up with my own list and will be posting it on my Facebook author page when I’m done so feel free to keep tabs on me and make sure I’m keeping up!

How about you? Are you going to commit to a reading challenge in 2020? I’d love to know which one you’re doing!

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  1. Linda Dunn

    Hi Dylann,

    I always enter the Goodreads Challenge every year. I put my goal for 2019 at 150 books. I have already exceed that by reading 165 books this year. I am almost finished reading my current one, so probably that will go to 166 to possibly167 depending. I have upped it every year, not sure what I will put as my goal for 2020 yet, but probably higher.

  2. Sophia Rose

    I’m definitely a challenge addict. Love making my book choices and trying to conquer each challenge.

    Thanks for giving Delighted Reader’s Bad Boys a shout out, Dylan! 🙂

  3. Tonya Lucas

    Hello Dylan I do Goodreads challenge every year. I put 135 down and I’m in 156th book now, so I surprised, which is great due to my work schedule.

  4. Dylann

    That’s awesome!!!

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