You are currently viewing The Countdown to All-American Cowboy Begins!

The Countdown to All-American Cowboy Begins!

Hey y’all… I can’t believe my release is only a week away! I’ve got some fun & games & giveaways planned for the week ahead so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a little snippet of Charlie and Beck, the couple on the cover of All-American Cowboy!

“Come on, two minutes of two-stepping? I promise not to crush your toes.”

“I haven’t two-stepped in a long time.”

“Good. Then you won’t make me look so bad. What do you say?”

No. She had to say no. She didn’t have time to trip around the dance floor. Not when there were customers to serve, tables to wipe, and an annoying attraction she wouldn’t acknowledge. The “no thanks” hovered on the tip of her tongue. Just sat there, refusing to vocalize into a polite refusal.

He smiled. The dimple winked at her. Her toes curled. She’d always been a sucker for dimples. She swallowed the “no” she’d intended to give him.

“Fine.” She wiped her palms on the back pockets of her jeans and slid her hand into his. The kickback to the center of her nervous system rivaled the jolt she’d gotten the last time she’d shot her cousin’s 7mm rifle…

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