Inside the Mind of a Romance Author… August

Want to know what goes on in the mind of a published romance author? Have questions about writing romance novels? Curious about what kind of hands-on research I do for each book? I’m starting a monthly feature where I’ll answer readers’ questions. And nothing’s off limits!


Writing Romance is like making… SOUP?

You're probably sick of me talking about how much I love Fall… the crunch of leaves under my feet, picking apples at the local orchard, and pulling out my slow cooker for easy-peasy dinners that will simmer away all day and make my house smell all kinds of yummy. As I was making a big batch of my mom’s Beefy Veggie Soup the other day I started thinking about how making soup is kind of like writing a romance novel.

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Do unto others…

Today I woke up to news that a fellow author, one I've just gotten to know and have started doing some marketing and box sets with, has been accused of…


The Gals who’ve got my back

Writing a book is an awesome endeavor. Daunting, thrilling, exhausting, never-ending... I could add a whole bunch more "-ing" words here, but some of them might have to be censored.…