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My Favorite Things About The Cowboy Says I Do

My next release–The Cowboy Says I Do–the first book in the Tying the Knot in Texas series, releases on August 4th! It’s set in the fictional small town of Ido in southeast Texas. I thought it might be fun to give you a little behind the scenes glimpse into what I absolutely adore about the first book in this series.

Here are my top 3 favorite things…

The people! I loved spending time with the residents of Ido, and especially having the chance to write Lacey Cherish. She’s a sassy, southern gal who doesn’t take any lip from anyone, especially her long-time crush, Bodie Phillips. Writing Lacey came so naturally to me. She literally came into my head almost fully formed which is a real treat to a writer. I hope readers can identify with her struggle–balancing her obligations to her family and her career all while trying to be true to her heart.

Another favorite character is Suzy, the local taxidermist turned florist. She provided ample opportunity for humor even though her heart was always in the right place.

The dogs! Having the chance to incorporate puppies and a cause into my series has been very fulfilling. I’ve always had a four-legged friend in my life and can’t stand mistreatment of any type of animal. Though The Cowboy Says I Do serves up plenty of humor, there’s also a serious undertone to the many pit bulls Zina rescues at the dog shelter. Not only do my human characters fight for love, but you’ll have a chance to meet some of the pups who are deserving of a happily-ever-after of their own.

The town! Ido, Texas is the kind of place I’d love to visit. Creating the town and the characters was so much fun. There’s just a little extra helping of crazy in most of the small towns in my books and Ido was no exception. I wish I could go grab an enchilada at Ortega’s or enjoy a Banzai Burger at the Burger Bonanza. I hope readers will feel right at home and grow to love Ido just as much as I do.

Releasing August 4th… the first book in a new, steamy, contemporary cowboy series!

It’s anything but a wedding cake walk for the mayor and the deputy sheriff when they team up to reinvent the town of Idont, Texas to Ido.

Newly elected mayor, Lacey Cherish, ran for office to redeem the family name after her father had to resign for un-mayorly like conduct. But if she wants to salvage her family’s reputation, along with the town’s economy, she’ll need to think fast. With few options at hand, she starts to rebrand Idont as Ido, as the most romantic place in Texas to tie the knot.

Lacey’s grand plans have just made Deputy Sheriff Bodie Phillips’s life a whole lot harder. He’s got bigger problems than helping the mayor bring in brides. Like figuring out why his dad and grandfather mysteriously shut down the family business, and who’s abandoning dogs within the town limits.

When Lacey’s chance at getting major publicity for Ido’s first wedding is jeopardized, she’s forced to rely on Bodie for help. But as their attraction heats up, they both have to decide how far they’re willing to go to revive the town and their families’ honor.

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  1. Kathleen Joyce

    I’ve read your Holiday Texas books and loved them. But whenever I try t buy any of your books I can never find them. I drive thirty miles to B&N in Albany, NY, they never have them. I winter in south Florida where there’s a B&N around the corner from my condo in Stuart, Fl, they don’t have them either. Do I have to order them from Amazon? I really don’t like to shop online.

    1. dylanncrush

      Hi Kathleen! You can always ask your local Barnes & Noble to bring in my books on a special order for you. My Holiday, Texas series and the new cowboy series should be available through retailers. My Lovebird Cafe series is indie published and while available as a special order, it’s not carried in local bookstores. I hope that helps!

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