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Interview with a Romance Hero

Sweet Tea & Second Chances

It’s been a little while since I introduced y’all to Swallow Springs, Missouri and one of my favorite romance heroes, the delectable Robbie Jordan. I thought it might be fun to check in with him and see how things have been going since Sweet Tea & Second Chances wrapped up. Even though I created him and the town of Swallow Springs from scratch, I was still surprised at some of the answers he tossed my way…

Me: Hi Robbie, thanks for joining me today.

Robbie: My pleasure.

Me: So I thought I would check in and see how things have been going. Is that okay?

Robbie: Sure. Let’s give it a go.

Me: Tell me what’s been going on with you since we left you at the end of Sweet Tea & Second Chances.

Robbie: Well, life goes on. Cassie and I are hard at work at the new Lovebird Café. It’s taken a long time to pull it together but we’ve had it up and running for a little while now.

Me: And your cousin came to town.

Robbie: Harmony? Yeah, she waited tables there for a while. She’s better off doing her own thing though, know what I mean?

Me: I do. I wrote her story too, remember?

Robbie: That’s right. Mud Pies & Family Ties.

Me: Let’s get back to you. What’s your favorite thing to eat over at the Lovebird?

Robbie: You had to start with a hard question, didn’t you? Heck, everything’s good. Cassie’s quite the cook. But if I had to pick, I guess my absolute favorite would be her chicken-fried steak with gravy and biscuits. It’s the first thing she made me when she came back to town.

Me: You’re making my mouth water.

Robbie: I get it. Those biscuits are to die for.

Me: Is there anything she makes that you don’t like?

Robbie: You trying to get me in trouble?

Me: Of course not. Come on, there’s got to be something.

Robbie: Promise not to tell her?

Me: My lips are sealed.

Robbie: Okay, so she makes this kale smoothie thing that Harmony wanted to put on the menu. It’s dark green and tastes like crap.

Me: Anything else?

Robbie: Nope, everything else is absolutely delicious.

Me: You just don’t want her to think you’ve been talking smack about her food.

Robbie: Hell yeah.

Me: How about Swallow Springs? Anything exciting going on in town?

Robbie: Same old, same old. Although…

Me: What? Is there some good gossip floating around the Cut ‘n Curl?

Robbie: I wouldn’t have any idea what they talk about over there.

Me: I know, you wouldn’t step foot in a salon unless–

Robbie: Unless never. But I did hear Dewey mouthing off about someone poking around town. Something to do with the caves out on the Jarrett property.

Me: Really?

Robbie: Yeah. I’m not sure what it’s all about but word will eventually get around.

Me: One of the perks of living in a small town, right?

Robbie: You got it.

Me: Have you ever thought about moving somewhere else?

Robbie: Sure, I’ve thought about it. I lived out west for a while, remember? But I’d never move away from Swallow Springs. It’s where I met Cassie. It’s where we’re building a life together. It’s my home.

Me: They’re lucky to have you. Thanks for joining me today. You’ll let me know if you hear more about those caves, won’t you?

Robbie: You’ll be the first to know.

Of course I’ll be the first to know! After all, I’m the one in charge of what goes on in Swallow Springs. Or at least I thought I was. It’s amazing what happens when characters take over their own lives! If you want to read more about Robbie and the Lovebird Cafe, check out the series here.

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