Lovebird Café Series

The prequel to the Lovebird Café series… releasing August 20th!

Misty Greene has only ever fallen head over heels for two things… her mama’s homemade lemon tarts and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Jake Duncan. The lemon tarts are easy to replicate. The feelings she’s carried for Jake Duncan? Not so much.

So when Misty decides it’s high time to rekindle their romance, Jake better get with the program or get out of town. He’s always had a thing for Misty. But he’s been hurt in the past. Will the two of them be able to find their happily-ever-after before they tear down the tiny town of Swallow Springs, Missouri trying?

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They say true love lasts forever… but what do they know?

There’s a legend surrounding The Lovebird Café… those who meet and fall in love there end up together forever. But up-and-coming chef Cassiopeia Belmont doesn’t have time for small-town lore. She’s got one thing on her mind: getting in and out of Swallow Springs, Missouri before the dust settles. If she can sell the farmhouse her grandparents left her, she’ll have enough cash to invest in her own high-profile restaurant in Dallas and finally put down the roots she so desperately craves.

Contractor Robbie Jordan thought he’d put his childhood sweetheart behind him. But when Cassie shows up, he can’t help but remember what they used to have and how she made him feel.

When Cassie hires Robbie to perform the renovations on the house, memories from the past rise to the surface and muck up their current plans. But is a second chance worth taking if they haven’t learned from their past mistakes?

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Falling in love has never been so dirty!

Harmony Rogers moves from the big city to Swallow Springs, Missouri with one goal in mind: build a better life for her thirteen-year-old son. It’s not long before she finds herself rehabilitating local wildlife and bumbling her way through her new waitress job at the Lovebird Café.

Motorcycle stuntman Dustin Jarrett hadn’t planned on coming back to Swallow Springs. But a botched late-night television performance forces him to retreat to his tiny hometown until the media storm blows over. Now he’s got to face his past if he wants a shot at reclaiming his future.

When Harmony meets Dustin at the café, the coffee grounds fly. Literally. And a series of events forces them to do the one thing they’ve tried to avoid: rely on someone else. If they can survive the prying eyes of the residents of Swallow Springs, they might just find what they didn’t even realize they were looking for.

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