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What to Wear… (extroverted writer’s edition)

My extroverted vibes are humming! Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be leaving the frigid temps of Minneapolis behind and heading to Sin City. I’m going to be attending a writing conference with about 1000 other authors. Then on Thursday morning I’ll hop a plane to Houston for another writing con. It’s going to be a busy, exhausting week (for both me and poor Mr. Crush who will be left behind to man the home front.)

It may come as a surprise but the vast majority of authors lean more toward the introverted side. So many of us love to get our thoughts down on the keyboard but get very overwhelmed when we have to talk to real live people and not just the fictional characters in our head. So I decided to do something to help my fellow authors feel more at ease.

In the past I’ve gotten all gussied up in my polka dot dresses but this time I’m going for comfort which means my cowgirl boots and a series of snarky T-shirts I made special for the event. I want to look approachable so my introverted author friends can instantly identify me as a friend. I figured I’d picture them all here and have you vote on your favorite. And I have one more blank T-shirt left to decorate. What sassy saying should I put on there?

To vote, just visit my author page on Facebook. And tell me, are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Would these T-shirts have you seeking me out or running as fast and as far away from me as you can? LOL

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