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Do unto others…

Today I woke up to news that a fellow author, one I’ve just gotten to know and have started doing some marketing and box sets with, has been accused of plagiarizing from some very well-known, well-respected authors. I want to make it clear to all of my readers and the other authors in the romance

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What I Love About Writing Romance

The reasons an author might choose to write romance might be as numerous as the number of Kindle books added to Amazon on a daily basis (that means A LOT!) But at least when it comes to romance, no matter why an author is writing in that particular genre, the reader knows they’re going to

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Life Lessons from Dogs

10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dogs

I’ve been fortunate enough to have many canine companions over the years and I’ve always been amazed at their simple outlook on life. As things get crazier and even more chaotic than usual around here with the start of school, I’ve been trying to channel some of that wisdom. You might not agree, but here

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The Gals who’ve got my back

Writing a book is an awesome endeavor. Daunting, thrilling, exhausting, never-ending… I could add a whole bunch more “-ing” words here, but some of them might have to be censored. One thing I learned early on is that you’re only as good as the peeps you surround yourself with. So, as a shout out to

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