Her mountain man hero must make an impossible choice.


I’ve always been spontaneous, but this time I might have gone too far. Showing up at my brother’s remote cabin to surprise him for his birthday seemed like a good idea. But he’s nowhere to be found, the cabin’s locked up tight, and a snowstorm’s on the way. When his closest neighbor stops by, the gorgeous grumpy mountain man insists on taking me home with him until the storm passes. He’s burly and bossy, but I can tell there’s a kind heart buried under the layers of flannel.


The last thing I need is to be snowed in with my best friend’s little sister. If anything happens between me and the beautiful curvy blonde, he won’t just end our friendship, he might even end me. It doesn’t matter that she’s impossible to resist. The sooner I get her out of my cabin, the better off we’ll both be. But how can I let her go when I know deep down she’s meant to be mine?

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She’s running from her past. He’ll do anything to be her future.


When I find my fiancé getting busy with my maid of honor fifteen minutes before I’m supposed to walk down the aisle, it’s time to face the truth.

I don’t think, I just run… right into the front seat of a stranger’s truck.

He’s bearded and brawny and makes my heart race in a way my ex never did.

With nowhere to go, and no one I can depend on, it would be so tempting to let the mountain man take care of me… if only for a day or two.

She’s gorgeous with those big brown eyes and curves that won’t quit. But that bruise on her cheek tells me there’s more to this runaway bride’s story than she’s letting on.

All I want to do is wrap her in my arms and keep her safe. Kinley deserves to be loved for the sweet, precious woman she is, and I’m desperate to be the man she can count on.

Until the past catches up to us… and one mistake might put an end to my dreams of a life together.

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