Holiday, Texas Series

Spend the holidays in Holiday, Texas!

We’re heading back to Holiday, Texas for the holidays! Cowboy Christmas Jubilee will be on the shelves on October 30th! Just click on the image to pre-order from your favorite retailer!

Merry Christmas from your new friends in Holiday, Texas:
The most celebratory town in the South!

When Jinx Jacobs’s motorcycle breaks down outside Holiday, Texas, the last thing she wants is to get stuck in the cheery little town, especially during the holidays. The whole place has gone Christmas crazy, but all she has to do is stay out from under the mistletoe—and do her best to keep that unnervingly attractive cop off her back.

Single dad and sheriff’s deputy Cash Walker doesn’t have time for romance, and yet something about the tempting loner twists his stomach up tighter than a tangle of tinsel. He may have finally found the missing piece in his life…but with Jinx so determined to avoid putting down roots, convincing her to stay may just take a Christmas miracle.

Welcome to your new favorite Holiday!

The folks in Holiday, Texas don’t need an excuse for a party.  Join the cowboys and cowgirls who call this fun-filled, rugged part of the country home. All-American Cowboy is the first book in the series. It releases on July 3rd, 2018! Just click on the image to pre-order from your favorite retailer!

All-American Cowboy
This city boy has it all figured out…
Until he goes toe-to-toe with a fierce cowgirl who’s snagged the home field advantage.

Holiday, Texas is known far and wide as the most celebratory town in the South—and no shindig is complete without one of its founding members. It’s a real shame the last remaining Holiday is a city slicker, but what’s that old saying about putting lipstick on a pig…?

Beck has no intention of being charmed by some crazy Texas town, but the minute he lays eyes on his grandfather’s old honky tonk—and Charlie Walker, the beautiful cowgirl who runs it—he finds himself wishing things could be different. Life’s gentler in Holiday. Slower. More real than anything he’s ever known. And when he looks into Charlie’s eyes, Beck may finally discover what it’s like to truly belong.