Ever had one of THOSE Mom moments?

What do you get when you cross one overtired busy mama with a holiday that arrives way too fast? You get me last week, trying to do too many things at once and forgetting to buy pumpkins for my kids to carve on Halloween.

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Reader Spotlight – October

I thought it would be fun to start a new thing on the blog... a reader spotlight! It gives us a chance to get to know each other better and bond over our shared love of all things reading and romance books. I'm super excited to introduce you to my first guest reader...Amanda Hash!

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Favorite Things – Fall Edition

Just like the seasons change throughout the year, so do my interests. I thought it might be fun to chat about the things I'm into right now in hopes you'll let me know what you've been enjoying too. Maybe we can both find some new faves.

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Writing Romance is like making… SOUP?

You're probably sick of me talking about how much I love Fall… the crunch of leaves under my feet, picking apples at the local orchard, and pulling out my slow cooker for easy-peasy dinners that will simmer away all day and make my house smell all kinds of yummy. As I was making a big batch of my mom’s Beefy Veggie Soup the other day I started thinking about how making soup is kind of like writing a romance novel.

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Must Haves for Fall

The weather has turned and it's officially Fall! I've got white chicken chili in the crockpot, am sipping on a warm mug of coffee, and I'm wearing one of my…


Finding Your Freaking Balance

“Find your balance.” Sounds like something a wise spiritual adviser or life coach would say. No problem. I’m sure my balance is hiding under the covers where my kid stashed two…

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